Types of Headshot Photography We Offer

Executive Headshots

An executive headshot is an excellent choice for professionals and can help your clients relate by putting a face to your brand. Also, it can help them identify you as a trusted advisor worthy of their time and business. The photograph should reflect your personality, brand, and business.

There are a few different styles of executive headshots, but all of them revolve around a few fundamental principals: recognition to detail, display of confidence, and connection.

Recognition to Detail

The professional quality of your executive portrait confers recognition to detail, therefore, legitimizing trust in you and your business. If you are using an inferior quality photograph, it reflects poorly on you, the brand, and business. 

Display of Confidence

We ensure you will look your best. Not everyone has the same complexion nor the same features. We pay special attention to every individual and there features ensuring you look your best by not accentuating the traits you deem unfavorable. We adjust and adapt our lighting to get you looking your best. When you feel competent and confident, it comes across in the images.

Conveys Connection

An executive headshot takes away the faceless corporate appearance of your business and replaces it with real humanity for a better association with your potential clients, customers, or partners. We pay special attention to you conveying a connection in the photos; maybe you want to present a profound intelligence, an authoritative presence, or the twinkle in your eyes and a smile that is just your own. 

Types of Headshot

Studio Background – The photograph is taken using a standard studio background. We recommend a white or gray background. We do not advise using a black background; it may come across as too dramatic for corporate use.

Environmental Portrait – An environmental portrait is a mixture of headshot and portrait sessions all in your office or workplace to display you in your element. This type of portrait is not just limited to a head and shoulders shot – it can be full-body, or even 3/4, too. It gives you the most options for use on marketing materials or websites.

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